Veronica grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico and has been a licensed massage therapist in Hawaii since 2005. Veronica uses a sophisticated blend of deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Swedish and Thai massage techniques. This unique approach helps Veronica to address the client's specific needs of attention. She has worked on many famous people like, Sumo Wrestler Konishiki, Artist Erykah Badu, Basketball player Kevin Garnet. Veronica's path and work has been influenced by the teachers she as encountered throughout her travels and she brings this experience to each session.


Marchael Grew up in Hawaii and has certified training since 2004 in Shiatsu, Swedish, Lomi Lomi massage, Acupressure and ART (Active Release Treatment) Specializes in Chronic Pain, Sports Injury, Stress Relief. With your permission, he tunes into your energy and adjust his massage techniques to your body needs.  His healing hands relieve your pain, release your stress, and put you in a relaxed, euphoric state. 


Rosemary grew up in Amherst Massachussetts and moved to Hawaii in 2002 where she became certified in Energetic Alignment.  In a session Rosemary facilitates an energetic bridge that connects you with your innate power or Source. Physical and emotional problems may lessen or disappear as the underlying emotional charge is integrated. This process can be called physical body awakening and inevitably leads to joy and well being in all areas of life. She is currently training at Inner Rhythm massage school in Honolulu and enjoys working with people everyday. 



Melanie Grew up in Canada, and provides personalized Nuturional Coaching, Private Chef, Yoga, Pilates and Zen Shiatsu massage services. Melanie is currently achieveing her macrobiotic Studies from the Kushi Institute and has accomplished her 4th level. Melanie is certified in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, as well as Pilates. Her teaching style is very meticulous as she focuses on alignment, breathing and core strenght. Her passion for health and helping people to heal allows her to share wellness.